Index of Festivals, Special Days, Special Resources, etc:

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St Andrew, Apostle November 30
World AIDS Day December 1
St. Thomas, Apostle December 21
Christmas Eve/Day (I, II & III) December 25
St. Stephen, Deacon and Martyr December 26
St. John, Apostle and Evangelist December 27
The Holy Innocents, Martyrs December 28
The Name of Jesus January 1
Mary, Mother of God January 1
New Year January 1
The Epiphany of Our Lord January 6
Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15
The Confession of Peter January 18
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity January 18 - 25
The Conversion of Paul January 25
The Presentation of Our Lord February 2
St. Mathias, Apostle February 24
Ash Wednesday (varies)
St Joseph March 19
The Annunciation of Our Lord March 25
Holy Week Monday (varies)
Holy Week Tuesday (varies)
Holy Week Wednesday (varies)
Holy/Maundy Thursday  (varies)
Good Friday (varies)
Holy Week Saturday (varies)
Easter Vigil (varies)
St. Mark, Evangelist April 25
St. Philip and St. James, Apostles May 1
The Ascension of Our Lord varies
The Visitation May 31
St. Barnabas, Apostle June 11
Nativity of John the Baptist June 24
Sts Peter & St Paul, Apostles June 29
U.S. Independence Day July 4
St Mary Magdalene July 22
St James the Elder July 25
Feast of the Transfiguration August 6
Assumption of Mary August 15
St Mary August 15
St Bartholomew August 24
Labor Day (varies)
Anniversary of 9-11-01 September 11
Holy Cross Day September 14
St Matthew September 21
St Michael & All Angels September 29
World Communion Sunday (varies)
St Francis October 4
St Luke October 18
St Simon & St Jude October 28
Reformation Day October 31
All Saints A November 1
All Saints B November 1
All Saints C November 1
All Souls November 2
Remembrance Day/Veterans Day/Memorial Day  
Thanksgiving A (varies)
Thanksgiving B (varies)
Thanksgiving C (varies)
Season of Creation:  
Year A: Creation 1A Forest
  Creation 2A Land
  Creation 3A Outback/Wilderness
  Creation 4A River
Year B: Creation 1B Earth
  Creation 2B Humanity
  Creation 3B Sky
  Creation 4B Mountain
Year C: Creation 1C Ocean
  Creation 2C Fauna
  Creation 3C Storm
  Creation 4C Cosmos