Today I am like Martha ? distracted by so many things.   Why do other people get to put down their burdens and enjoy what really matters to them, while I have to  slave away to make other people happy?    Why doesn?t anybody appreciate me for anything I do but Mary gets appreciated for just being herself?

Today I see the summer fruit.  But I can?t  taste it.  My mind runs after other things wanting more and more.  I have an empty, hurting,  lonely place inside that I try to fill with so many things.  I know that  I should be able to appreciate the fruit You offer, right now, this  moment.  But somehow I just can?t trust that it will be enough.
Today You promised me new life.  But I laughed.  My faith is barren.   But still You have seen possibility in me.  Amazing!


Permission for use with attribution:


Jennifer Johnson
North York Central Library
Society and Recreation Department