The Wedding 
Terry L. Chapman

when the wine runs out
the party?s just begun 

but first let thirst deepen
on dry soul?s tongue and 

the face of proud host whose 
plans fall short redden a shade more 

pause while the guest?s murmurs 
rise over the mundane drone 

give the knowing mother a moment
to garner the courage to ask 

let a tear fall from the cheek
of the bride in her inconsummation 

for life happens on the threshold 
between gasp and grasp 

when time stands still
and the guests become silent 

and in this pregnant pause
the Future asks for fresh containers  

to fill with new wine which 
too will run out but leaves 

a taste on lips never again quenched 
by earth?s fruit longing for the 

Day when they will thirst no more