Our Faith Lives On (
Paul Janssen
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Our faith lives on, though nearly rent asunder,
Beset by heartache, hate, revenge, and grief.
What God, like you, inspires both fear and wonder,
And, midst our fears, a word of sweet relief? 

Our hope lives on, though tempered now by sorrow,
With open eyes, and seasoned well with doubt.
You call to us from your unseen tomorrow
To do your will and work your purpose out. 

Our loves lives on; though worn and thin by sadness,
We stand together in a long embrace.
For your great love has conquered human madness
And sings to us in melodies of grace. 

Faith, hope, and love, these three go on, abiding,
Still standing strong and tall and firm and true!
In you we trust, our open hearts confiding
That, come what may, we still belong to you.