?An Offering for Haiti?
Cynthia Hinson
tune: "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" 

When human suffering startles the earth, we dare not claim our God the cause,
For God who loves us shares our pain and wills to comfort us in our loss.
Yet struggling to believe
That God does with us grieve
We call out in our prayers,
And plead that others share
Such needs beyond imagined cost.

The Spirit crosses all doctrinal bounds, uniting minds and hearts and hands.
As Body one the faithful move to meet the call as best we can.
Not only words of prayer,
But goods and wealth we share
To help to ease the pain,
To live in our Lord?s reign,
With passion we in unity stand.

As Christ has come and comes again we dare not turn and walk away.
He calls and leads us toward the hope so many hold in heart today
We know the needs are great
We know the time is late
Each day the need grows more
God knows no foreign shore
Their tears are Gods; our hearts the way.