"In Times Like These"
Paul Janssen
(tune: Was Mein Gott Will)

(please let the author know if you use this hymn)

In times like these, we strain to sing a hymn of exaltation.
Our voices fill with bitter tears; our souls, with lamentation.
The seas have swelled; we wonder where you were 'midst nature's violence.
We long to sing with joy and praise, but shudder at your absence.

Creating God, you spoke your Word and guided this world's making.
Where was your voice to turn the tide, to calm the deep earth's quaking?
We have no words to understand the scope of human sorrow.
So speak through us and give us strength to make a new tomorrow.

Redeeming Christ, you raised your hand, and winds and waves were quiet.
But now we see no miracle when oceans go ariot.
The tidal wave rekindles fears, reminds us of our weakness.
Awake, O Lord, and calm our souls! Cast out despair and bleakness!

O Spirit, once you brooded o'er the face of formless waters.
So comfort those whose lives are rent, who've lost their sons and daughters.
And stir our hearts, though numbed by pain, to newfound depth of feeling.
And make us agents of your love, your grace, your hope, your healing.