Written by Rev. Carol Clarke for worship at First Presbyterian Church, Lampasas, Texas.  Permission for use is granted to those engaged in Haiti Disaster Relief.


A Hymn for Haiti 2010  

(sung to the hymn tune AURELIA, ?The Church?s One Foundation?, PCH 442)


The tragic sights in Haiti ? they boggle heart and mind.

There people search for loved ones they hold out hope to find.

The loss of life is staggering, God only knows the tolls.

We weep with those, the grieving, whose sorrow fills their souls.

O God, may we be neighbors In time of direst need,

Providing food and water and help to those who plead

For care because they?re injured and still they feel the pain.

O Lord, they need Your healing to live and thrive again.

Our hearts moved by compassion, we come to God in prayer,

For orphans all alone now who need someone to care,

For all who know frustration, for those who live in fear,

May Your love bring them comfort, May they know God is near.

Through nature You sustain us, but we don?t understand

The awesome power of earthquakes that fracture sea and land.

Like Job, we want to question, to test Your sacred will.

Yet we know You are with us, should life bring good or ill.


You won?t forget or leave us, You won?t forsake us here.

You?re with us through earth?s cycles and seasons of the year.

Although our ways aren?t Your ways, we trust Your sovereign might.

May Your love bring us comfort, love with us day and night.