Prayer for Use during Natural Disasters
Carlene L. Douglas
African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church

Lord, we acknowledge that You are here, that You never left us even when all around us seemed to be falling apart. We are overcome by grief as we see the images of tragedy, as we hear the cries for help, and feel the pain of others? suffering. Give ear, O Lord to the cries from our hearts and bring light to darkness, joy to sorrow, healing to pain. We come Lord for rest from the weariness of shock. We come seeking Your guiding hand in how we can respond.

How can we express Your love, O Lord? How can we be Your hands, O Lord?  Give us  strength and courage to do what pleases You, that we can put Your love in action, by word and deed and make Your presence known. Loving Father, Healer, Restorer, and Source of all hope, remove from us those things that prevent Your love from flowing through us. May we make a difference in someone?s life that they may come to know Your  redeeming love and put their trust in You.    

We ask this in the Name of Him who suffered for us, Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN