God Who Weeps When We Are Weeping
Marnie Barrell
Auckland, NZ

Any 8787D tune, e.g. Abbot's Leigh, Austria, Blaenwern, Hyfridol, Nettleton, Lux Eoi, Ebenezer (Ton-y-botel) - obviously, a fairly sombre tune like Ebenezer would be most appropriate.

God who weeps when we are weeping,
maker, lover, friend of all,
we commit into your keeping
those who suffer, struggle, fall.
Plant the seeds of peace inside us
in these days of fateful choice;
let your word and wisdom guide us
as we listen for your voice.

Christ, enduring hate and violence,
hounded to a martyr's death,
calmly meeting taunts with silence,
speaking peace with your last breath:
peace, courageous and demanding,
binds us as we walk your way.
May our wills, at your commanding,
turn to acts of peace today.

Spirit, strengthen and sustain us
Grant us comfort, hope and light,
lead us in your ways and train us
as we strive for truth and right,
rise above retaliation,
live the peace we long to hear,
look for reconciliation
past our anger, pain and fear.

God of every race and nation,
God of mercy, strong and just,
build again in us compassion,
recreate our hope and trust.
Though our lives seem dark and empty,
may we learn to live as one
till, in safety, peace and plenty,
all your work on earth is done.