Mark 16:9-20

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bulletContemporary Commentary, Studies, and Exegesis:
  • "The End of Days," Larry Broding's Word-Sunday.Com: A Catholic Resource for This Sunday's Gospel. Adult Study, Children's Story, Family Activity, Support Materials.
    • "What does the phrase 'end of days' mean to you?"
bulletArticles & Background:
  • "Mark 16: The Longer Ending," "Resurrection Appearances of Jesus," "Great Commission," "Ascension," wikipedia.
  • "A Textual and Structural Analysis of Mark 16:9-20," Matthew D. McDill, Filologia, 2004.
    • "The purpose of this study is to address two questions: 1) Should Mark 16:9-20 be included in biblical exegesis and 2) If so, what are the structural features of this passage that might aid in its interpretation?"
  • "The Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20," Jim Snapp II, Minister, Curtisville Christian Church, IN.
    • "I believe that the empirical evidence supports the view that the Long Ending was contained in the Gospel of Mark in the form in which it was first produced for distribution in the church, and that it was accepted as Scripture everywhere except in one Egyptian locale (probably Alexandria), where - due to an accident or a copyist's misinterpretation - it was temporarily lost."
  • "Rethinking the Great Commission," Mortimer Arias, Iliff School of Theology, Theology Today, 1991.
    • "It is to our churches, and to us as we are, that the Great Commission is entrusted today. It is up to us to receive it and be faithful to it. We count with the promise of the last mandate: "I am with you always, to the end of the age.""
  • "Mark 16:16-18: An Alternative," James F. Myers, Chafer Theological Seminary Journal, 2001.
  • Mark 16:18 AROUSIN, from B-Greek Archives. Sort by "subject" to follow thread.
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