Lowell Grisham Prayers of the People

Prayers of the People

The Rev. Lowell Grisham
Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Passion Sunday, Year B

Presider:  Loving God, through the passion of your Son Jesus you have poured out your divine life in love for us despite our evil:  Strengthen us to take up our cross and to follow in his way, that we may share in your redeeming work, as we pray:  We have trusted in you, O God.  We have said, “You are our God.”

Litanist:  You have called your Church to be the community of the crucified One, O Gracious One:  Help us to walk in Christ’s path of obedient humility, that we may be willing to suffer for the sake of your goodness.  We have trusted in you, O God.
We have said, “You are our God.”

In Christ’s exultation upon the cross you have made a mockery of the pretentions of the rulers and authorities of the world, Almighty One:  Grant to all leaders the strength to walk in your way of humble service that we may be saved from all tyranny and oppression.  We have trusted in you, O God.
We have said, “You are our God.”

Compassionate One, We bring to your care all whose lives are wasted with grief and their years with sighing, as we pray for all who suffer throughout the world.  We have trusted in you, O God.
We have said, “You are our God.”

Our times are in your hand, and you sustain the weary with a word, Our Loving God:  Uphold all in our community who endure shame or threat, that they may turn to the cross and be comforted.  We have trusted in you, O God.
We have said, “You are our God.”

We pray for those among us who need your saving help, especially ___.
We give you thanks for pouring your divine life into our lives, as we offer our gratefulness in thanksgiving, especially for ___.
We pray for all who have followed Christ along the human journey into death, remembering especially ___.  Let them be united in his death and raised into his glory.

Presider:  Gracious God, your Son Jesus endured mockery, pain and death in order to reveal to us your power that overcomes evil with love and brings life out of death:  Guide and guard us in our earthly pilgrimage, that we may gladly share in his passion and be raised with him into your glory, who with the Holy Spirit lives and reigns , One God, forever and ever.  Amen.