Children, Keep Asking “Why?”

Suggested Tune: from the song Ohio by Neil Young
Text: Copyright © 2001 by Gregory H. Ledbetter. All rights reserved.


:      Am                             C             G     Am                        C                G
Cold terror and troubles rising,     ghost towers against the sky,
      Am                      C      G                 Am                              C           G
September eleven nightmares,     our children keep asking "Why?"

Two-part harmony:
Dm                                           G
Could you believe we were, innocents living a dream,
Dm                               G
Infants asleep in the sun.
Dm                                          G
Lullaby stopped, wake up, clouds are dropping their rain,
Dm                                   G
Hurry up child time to run.  Chorus

What does it mean, people, others loathing our lives?
Why do they wish us to die?
Should we strike back, vengeance, trading an eye for an eye,
Will the whole world soon be blind?  Chorus

When will the offspring of Sarah and Ab-a-ra-ham
Gather 'round the fam'ly tree?
God and Allah are one, Jews and Arabs are kin,
No one is safe 'til all are free.  Chorus

When can we stop running, when can we weary lie down.
Not for a long, long, long while.
Labor for peace, children, labor for justice come 'round.
Labor for earth, reconciled.  Final Chorus

Cold terror and troubles rising, ghost towers against the sky,
September eleven nightmares, our children keep asking "Why?"
Our children keep asking "Why?"
Children, keep asking "Why?"
Children, keep asking "Why?"