Would your congregation consider singing this on 9/11?

God Remains Our Source of Courage
(September 11th Anniversary Hymn)

God remains our source of courage when we're traumatized by terror.
When we're haunted by the headlines and the violence everywhere.
Hear God whisper in the silence, "Don't despair, I'm in control.
Hurting hearts and broken cities will at last one day be whole."

God recalls that tragic Tuesday when twin towers disappeared,
when three thousand people perished and our hearts were numbed by fear.
Yet God whispers ten years later, "Justice will in time be done.
I will stand with those who need me 'till my Kingdom fully comes."

God invites us to be trusting when we find that faith is hard.
When we're fearful for our safety and our nerves are frayed or jarred.
Still God whispers in the silence, "Even when your faith is weak,
I will keep your feet from stumbling when your way is dark and bleak."

by Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos
Mercer Island WA

(tune: What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Come All Christians Be Committed,
Ebenezer - O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus. )