Wish Frederick a Happy Birthday!!

To Buechner Fans everywhere

We are happy to report that Frederick Buechner is in excellent health and will be sending out a special multimedia greeting to all of us on his upcoming birthday, July 11, 2013, in celebration of his 87th birthday. Those of us who have the honor of working with him every day would like to do something special for him this Summer (as a surprise!) and we need your help.

We are organizing a special birthday card program and here are the details:

1. We are asking you and all of your fellow Buechner fans to send him a paper (no email please) birthday card to the address below.
2. We will collect the cards and present them to him in one amazing pile on his birthday on July 11, 2013.
3. In celebration of your participation in this most special birthday, The Frederick Buechner Center will send you a special Frederick Buechner bookmark (so make sure to include your mailing address on the birthday card). As a special plus, we will also have a raffle for one of 50 signed books inscribed just for you (so please tell Frederick in your birthday card which is your favorite book of his and, if you are one of the lucky 50, we will have Frederick inscribe a copy of that book to you).

Please tell your friends who share our passion for Frederick's works about this project and please forward this announcement to them.

Please send your cards to:

Frederick Buechner
Surprise Birthday Card Project
P.O. Box 380264
Cambridge, MA 02238

Thank you for helping.

Best regards,

Brian Allain
Frederick Buechner Center